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Outdoor Awnings Newcastle

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The top designer of Custom Outdoor Awnings in Newcastle!

Want more protection over your deck, patio, or outdoor entertainment area? We recommend investing in Custom Awnings from Pazazz Blinds & Shutters! 

Awnings are either roof-like covers that extend over a space, at an angle or drop straight down over a space to offer sun protection and shelter from wind, rain, sun, and all the other harsh weather conditions Newcastle has to offer. With Awnings installed, you can spend more time entertaining in the Great Outdoors.

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Newcastle’s Patio and Deck Awnings boasting both style and “Pazazz”

Zipscreen Awnings are our most popular Outdoor Canopy Awnings with a slimline, compact design and all Australian-made materials! Ideal for outdoor living areas like alfresco areas, decks and verandahs, Zipscreen Awnings can be stopped,  raised, lowered and stopped at any point, so that you have complete control over the sunlight that spills into your outdoor space. 

To take advantage of as much sun as possible, simply fold your Zipscreen Awnings away into the compact headbox above. Your Awnings will practically disappear — meanwhile, they’ll be protected from outdoor elements like bugs, wind, rain and harmful UV rays! 

Contact us to design and install Zipscreen Outdoor Awnings in Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie or the Hunter Valley!

Straight Drop Awnings are a versatile solution for larger outdoor spaces like alfresco areas, verandahs, decks, patios, or anywhere they can realistically be mounted! Simple and sleek, Straight Drop Awnings can be wound down and secured to the ground, wall or balcony, offering outdoor shade and protection from harmful UV rays while staying steady and secure in the wind. 

This outdoor shade option can be crank-operated, spring-loaded (i.e. pull-down) or motorised for your convenience. Contact us to learn more about our simple yet effective Straight Drop Awnings.

Don’t want to waste time adjusting Outdoor Window Awnings as the weather changes? Our Automatic Awnings are the perfect solution! Thanks to the clever lock-arm system, you can lower your Awnings to any stopping point and leave them there all year round. When the wind picks up, the lock arm will release, and the Blinds will slowly open to prevent damage to your Awnings.

Our Automatic Window Awnings are also suited to homes on smaller blocks with limited space for External Awnings! The Awning Arms come in different sizes, so you can choose a larger angle for more airflow or a smaller angle to maximise space — there will always be plenty of space to move around the back or front yard! 

Contact Pazazz Blinds & Shutters for the Outdoor Awnings Newcastle can count on! We offer free design consultations throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Maitland and the Hunter Region.

Like our Automatic Awnings, our Pivot Arm Awnings offer exceptional heat, sun and weather protection while maintaining maximum airflow for your comfort in the Great Outdoors. However, Pivot Arm Awnings have a unique twist; these window furnishings can be comfortably installed on second-storey windows and controlled from inside with a manual winder or through motorisation! 

Automatic Awnings will retract in high winds and Newcastle’s harsh weather (note: standard Awnings should be manually retracted). Talk to us about these durable Outdoor Blinds for your home’s exterior!

Where Side Channel Awnings can’t be installed, Wire Guide Awnings are a must-have. Using strong stainless steel cable guides, Wire Guide Awnings can be lowered to any point, meaning you can block the harsh sun while still letting the warm summer air flow through underneath. 

Our Wire Guide Awnings are available in various configurations: 

  • Traditional Wire Guide — Simple and affordable, these Awnings use an effective bracket system that can be crack-operated or motorised.
  • Acmeda Wire Guide — This option features a slimline extruded headbox to conceal the Awning when not in use and has a quieter side retention mechanism. Again, this option can be crank-operated or motorised. 

Book a free design consultation to sample and discuss our extensive range of Quality Blinds and Awnings!

Our Multi-Stop Channel Awnings have an innovative five-sided bottom rail that allows you to lower the blind to any point without any fixtures. Just grab and twist the bottom rail to release the tension of the side channels, allowing the blind to move up and down with ease. 

This is an ideal choice for alfresco areas and decks, so contact us now to have them installed!

Cupola Awnings are some of the most beautiful and iconic Awnings on the market! Featuring a European Hood (Dutch Hood, French Hood or Wedge-Shape), Cupola Awnings are ideal for cafés, restaurants, delis and other businesses looking to add an eye-catching element to their shopfront. 

Beyond their good looks, Cupola Awnings protect businesses from rain, heat, light and high winds, making the space more comfortable for customers and clients. Install them above windows and doors, and watch the customers come flooding in. 

Contact us for the Commercial Awnings Newcastle businesses count on! We offer free design consultations for home and business owners alike.

Folding Arm Awnings are the perfect solution for that space that needs serious protection from the sun while still keeping costs down. From pool and outdoor entertaining areas to cafes, restaurants, balconies and deck areas, these Custom Awnings are available in various configurations: 

  • Open Style Folding Arm Awnings — Ideal for keeping costs down and improving sun, wind and rain protection.
  • Semi-Cassette Awnings — A great introduction to Folding Arm Deck Awnings with built-in protection for the fabric when the Awning has been retracted.
  • Full Cassette Folding Arm Awnings — Our best-looking option with a slimline, compact cassette to protect the fabric awning from all outdoor elements when fully retracted. 

For ultimate convenience, opt for our motorised option and a wind or motion sensor for extra peace of mind. These sensors will turn a Folding Arm Awning into an Automatic Retractable Awning instantly!

If your Outdoor Awning looks a little worse for wear but functions perfectly fine, we recommend opting for a recover rather than investing in brand-new Awnings. Our team can reskin most traditional Outdoor Blinds, including Straight Drop Awnings, Automatic Awnings and Pivot Arm Awnings — we can make them look as good as new without the additional price tag! 

You can update the fabric with a modern new mesh screen for visibility, plain or pattern acrylic fabric for light blocking or traditional canvas to freshen things up. Alternatively, you can alter how the original fabric looked by adding or removing a valance. 

Contact us for more information about recovering your Awnings today!

Our Process

Step 1

The initial design consultation

You’re welcome to visit our showroom in Mayfield West, NSW, or we can arrange a convenient time to visit your location! Our team can analyse your home or business, listen to your design ideas, and provide expert recommendations and advice. We’ll ensure you receive Outside Awnings that add value and “Pazazz” to your home or business! 

We will also bring 100s of fabric and colour samples so you can visualise your new Awnings in the space.

Step 2

A free measure & quote

During our initial design consultation, our team will take precise measurements of the window, doorway, balcony or patio so that we can provide a competitive quote on the spot. As the leading designer of Outdoor Awnings in Newcastle, we never “guesstimate” when it comes to our quotes — our pricing is based on the product and the size of the space.

Remember, this is a 100% free service!

Step 3

Supply & installation

Once you have approved the finer details of your New Backyard Awnings, we will send the designs to be manufactured in one of our factories in Australia or Asia. When your Awnings return to us, we’ll be in touch to book the installation!

We offer a long warranty on all of our products, which is why it’s important for us to install them ourselves. We want to preserve your warranty and ensure your Custom Awnings function as we promised! 

Contact us to design and install Custom Window Awnings in Newcastle — we’ll take care of everything from measurements and design through to installation!

FAQs about our Awnings

Whilst our awnings provide good shade and UV protection, we strongly suggest winding them back during stormy weather or when high winds are present. However, you can trust our high-quality materials for all other weather in your outdoor entertaining area.

Pivot arm awnings are a practical option for home and business owners. These awnings help to regulate airflow through open windows and provide superior natural light and temperature control. The fabric of the awning projects away from the window, meaning a cool breeze can freshen indoor spaces while also providing privacy for you and your guests.

Folding Arm Awnings are designed to protect you from the sun from directly above. Through a heavy-duty extrusion, the arms project the awning outwards and are suitable for outdoor areas that don’t have cover, such as pools, sitting areas or dining spaces.

This depends on the type of awning; the most popular fabric on the market is screen/mesh. This protects you from the sun and the majority of wind and rain while providing you with a view through the fabric.

All our awnings have a 5-year warranty on the componentry, with a 10-year warranty on most fabrics. PVC fabric includes a 3-year warranty.


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