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Shop Awnings: Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

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Stylish Shop Awnings to attract customers & improve their shopping experience

Commercial Shades and Blinds are an important part of designing an attractive business. Shop Awnings are particularly important for outdoor spaces, like dining areas and window shopping opportunities where customers need shelter from the weather. With the right shading and protection from the elements, your customers can have a memorable experience with you and your team, no matter what!

At Pazazz Blinds & Shutters, we design and manufacture Commercial Awnings that are designed to withstand the weather and improve your customers’ shopping experience. With 100s of fabric and design options available, we can design something 100% unique to “wow” your crowds. 

Get in touch to book a free design consultation today! Our team will share expert recommendations and advice to enhance the look and feel of your workplace.

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100s of colours, fabrics and designs to match the look and feel of your workplace

Zipscreen Awnings are one of the most popular options available for commercial businesses! Zipscreens are incredibly aesthetically pleasing, with minimal fabric joints and the smallest headbox possible to disguise the blind when not in use — your customers will never notice they’re there! 

Plus, Zipscreen Awnings have a convenient side channel design, meaning you can lower the Awning as far as you want, blocking off the sun at the perfect angle for your customers while still allowing a cool breeze to flow through underneath. 

Install a Zipscreen over your doors, windows or outdoor entertaining area for customers — the choice is yours at Pazazz Blinds & Shutters. Contact us to book a free design consultation now!

Looking for flexible, versatile Commercial Blinds? Look no further than Straight Drop Awnings! Simple and sleek, Straight Drop Awnings can be wound down and secured to the floor, wall or balcony, so your customers are protected from the sun, wind and rain. These minimalist Awnings can be crank-operated, spring-loaded (pull-down) or motorised for maximum convenience and quiet operation around your customers!

Deliver quality service and a cosy, comfortable atmosphere with a set of Straight Drop Awnings from Pazazz. Contact us to book a free consultation!

Our Folding Arm Awnings are some of the most reliable and slimline Commercial Awnings on the market. From our Open Style Awnings to our Semi and Full Cassette options, we can guarantee we have a compact Folding Arm Awning to blend into the exterior design of your commercial premises. 

Our Folding Arm Awnings are available in various configurations: 

  • Open-Style Folding Arm Awnings — This simple style is the best solution for businesses that need protection from the sun while keeping costs down.

  • Semi-Cassette Folding Arm Awnings — This is a great introduction to Folding Arm Awnings with built-in protection for the fabric when the Awning is retracted.

  • Full-Cassette Folding Arm Awnings — This Shade Option is ideal for business owners who want to add a slim, compact feature to their workspace while also protecting customers from the elements when the Awning is retracted. 

You can choose from a manual or motorised operation for your Commercial Awnings. However, we recommend opting for motorisation for maximum convenience! Plus, we offer optional wind and motion sensors for extra peace of mind — your Folding Arm Awnings can be transformed into Automated Awnings in an instant!

Want to add a chic European look to your shopfront? We recommend opting for Pazazz Cupolas or Fixed Café Awnings! From classic Dutch Hoods to French Hoods and Wedge Shapes, these timeless Shop Awnings can be installed above doors and windows for sun protection both inside and outside your business. 

Our Cupolas and Fixed Commercial Awnings are available in a wide range of durable materials, including acrylic, canvas and a stylish mesh/screen fabric, all designed to protect your business (and customers) from heat, glare, wind and rain.

Wire Guide Awnings feature strong stainless steel cable guides so that you can block the sun at the perfect angle while allowing the air to glow through from underneath.

If you’re aiming for a neat, minimalist look for your business, we recommend opting for our Acmeda Wire Guide Range. You have the option to add a slimline extruded headbox to hide the roll of your Commercial Awnings, as well as a narrow bottom-rail finish. This option is also a much quieter retention mechanism, so you can fold away your Blinds without bothering your customers.

In our Outdoor Roller Shutter Range, we recommend our 36mm Extruded Roller Shutters and 50mm Extruded Vision Roller Shutters for shops and businesses. These durable options provide a higher level of security, keeping “unwanted visitors” off the shop/office floor after hours. 

Control them with a Manual Winder from inside the doorway, pull them straight up with Spring-Loaded Operation, or just click a button with Motorised Roller Shutters. The choice is yours!

For more control over sunlight, privacy and airflow indoors, we recommend our affordable yet stylish Roller Blinds! Available as Single Roller Blinds for a seamless look or Dual Roller Blinds for more fabric options over a single door or window, our Roller Blinds provide shade indoors for a more comfortable shopping or dining experience. 

We offer a wide range of fabric options, like blockout fabrics, screens, mesh and light-filtering fabric — our team can provide fabric recommendations based on the amount of heat that collects in your workspace.

Our brand-new fascia and cassette options are also available in aluminium or fabric-wrapped finishes to match the interior design of your business! The combinations are nearly endless with Pazazz Blinds & Shutters.

Our Process

Step 1

The initial design consultation

You’re welcome to visit us at our showroom in Warners Bay NSW (15 minutes from the Newcastle CBD), or we can organise a convenient time to visit your workplace! Our team will analyse the space and listen to your business’s unique design and functionality requirements, then provide expert recommendations and advice to ensure you get the investment you desire. 

We’ll also bring 100s of fabric samples so that you can compare colours, patterns and textures to your business’s decor.

Step 2

A free measure & quote

During our initial design consultation, we’ll take precise measurements of the windows and doorways so that we can provide a competitive quote on the spot. We never “guesstimate” when it comes to our quotes — we base our prices on the product and the size of the window or doorway. 

Remember, this is a 100% free service with no obligations.

Step 3

Supply & installation

Once you have approved the final details of your Commercial Awnings or Roller Blinds, we’ll send the designs to be manufactured in one of our factories in Australia or Asia. When they return to us here in Warners Bay, we’ll be in touch to book installation. 

We offer a long warranty on all of our products, so it’s important that we take care of the installation ourselves. We want to secure your warranty and ensure your new investment functions the way we promised it would!

FAQs about Commercial Shades and Blinds

We are open to helping anyone! Whether you’re a restaurant/café, commercial building, retailer or small business owner, we’re here to help and are confident in giving you the right advice for your space.

Straight Drop Awnings are the most common outdoor product for businesses, particularly for restaurants and café’s as they can be installed almost anywhere and are very cost effective. However, Zipscreen & Wire Guide Awnings are rapidly growing in popularity as they are very easy to use and provide the most weather protection. Folding Arm Awnings are perfect for areas where you need shade from above, such as an outdoor bench or table space.

Either the 36mm Extruded or 50mm Extruded Vision Roller Shutters are the perfect solution for protecting your business outside of hours.

We understand that sometimes it can get a little too busy to be worrying about adjusting the position of your blinds or awnings when needed. That’s why Motorisation is the perfect solution. With a click of a button, you can move either an individual blind or multiple at the same time and get back to serving your customers quicker than ever. Plus, for awnings, with the option of a wind or motion sensor, you can protect your shade and surrounding area with added peace of mind knowing that in potentially dangerous weather, technology will do the work for you.


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