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Automatic Awnings in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

An Australian classic, the Automatic Awning is a great way to control light and improve privacy for any home or business. Automatic Awnings are spring assisted to rise by themselves in high-wind to prevent damage to the awning structure or fabric.

Automatic Awnings, also known as Automatic Top Roll awnings are a practical way to add some Pazazz to your home. With an automatic awning, you can fully extend the awning for privacy, security and to block out light while still allowing air to flow under the bottom of the awning and in through the window.

Automatic Awnings fit closely to the frame and have a small gap at the bottom to allow them to breathe. When fully extended, you can choose a projection of between 150mm to 600mm from the wall or window. If you’re wanting more privacy or security, a smaller 150mm gap will be perfect, if you want more airflow you can choose a larger gap around 500-600mm to let the room breathe.

Our awnings are perfect for windows and other suitable apertures up to 4 metres wide. We can produce Automatic Awnings in almost any colour, style, size and fabric to suit your home or business.

All Pazazz awnings are expertly engineered to last and our Automatic Awnings are no exception. We use quality fabrics, high-grade stainless steel componentry and strong and durable mechanisms to give you years of worry-free comfort from your awnings.

Perfect for Balconies, Windows and Verandahs

Because of how the Automatic Awnings mounts and how slim it is, you can use it almost any application where there is enough room to mount the supports. For balconies, verandahs and other outdoor areas, you can use the Automatic Awning to control wind, rain, light and privacy while giving you the flexibility to choose when you want to open or close the awning.

The most popular application is around windows. We strongly recommend only using automatic awning on the ground floor of a building for convenience and safety. Using your awning around a window can enhance the look of your build and provide a more comfortable space inside. For large windows or for use in banks of windows, the awnings look great when stacked against each other creating a modern and minimalist finish.

Why are they called Automatic Awnings?

Automatic awnings are the perfect set and forget awning option. You can only adjust them on the awning itself but when they’re extended, you have the peace of mind knowing that if weather conditions change, your automatic awning will close automatically (hence the name) to protect the awning structure and fabric.


Free In-Home Design Consultation

Pazazz Blinds & Shutters are totally committed to customer satisfaction at every stage of getting new blinds, shutters, and awnings. It’s important to us that we help our customers make the best decision when it comes to sizes, styles, colours, fabrics and anything else we need to consider to make sure our customers are always delighted with their new products. That’s why we offer an initial free In-home Blinds, Shutters, and Awnings Design Consultation.

Our free In-home Design Consultation service is offered to all our customers to help determine the best products for their needs. We know that sometimes our customers may need more than one In-home Design Consultation and we are always happy to accommodate this but there may be a fee for any subsequent design consultations. We’re available during business hours by phone for any questions that don’t need a face to face visit and our customer support email is always open.

it's Easy to get new Awnings with pazazz

Step 1 – The Initial Design Consultation

Pazazz Blinds & Shutters welcome you to visit their showroom or we’ll come to you so you can browse our range in the comfort of your own home. Our experts will hear your ideas and see your space and then help you find the perfect product to bring your idea to life. We have access to hundreds of amazing products in thousands of patterns, colours and styles to suit any room, office, cafe or space, so finding your ideal blind, shutter or awning will be a breeze.

We’ll help you find the best products to complement your existing design or provide a focal point for a new design style. We know it is important to balance style, value and function so our experts will be more than happy to guide you through our range so you get the perfect product for you.

Step 2 – A free Measure and Quote

During the initial design consultation and once we’ve found your products, we’ll take some measurements so we can provide you with a competitive quote based on your exact window. We don’t ‘guesstimate.’ We use accurate measurements so we can provide the most competitive quote possible.

All of this is a free service from Pazazz Blinds & Shutters. When you’re ready to get a quote for Automatic Awnings, we’ll be happy to provide one free of charge.

Step 3 – Supply and Installation

When we say we take care of everything, we mean it. Pazazz Blinds & Shutters have a team of expert installer ready to make sure your Automatic Awnings are installed exactly the way they should be.

We offer a long warranty on all of our products, so it is important to us to know that our products are installed in a way that will ensure they look fantastic and function perfectly for many, many years.

Our installers treat your house like their own. We make sure we clean up after ourselves and leave your house looking even better than when we came… mostly because of the beautiful products which have just been installed by Pazazz Blinds & Shutters.

Why choose Pazazz?

Pazazz Blinds & Shutters is owned and operated by a local family who call Newcastle and the Hunter home. With decades of industry experience, Pazazz Blinds & Shutters has become one of Newcastle’s favourite suppliers of quality window furnishings for homes and businesses.

“When you choose us for your blinds, shutters or awnings, you’re choosing an independent, family-owned business based right here in the Hunter. We’re going to treat you like we would our family and friends. We’re going to offer you the right advice and we’re always going to offer the best price.

 We hope to talk to you soon about how we can add some extra Pazazz to your home or business”

  • Paul & Yazz Plenty

When you contact Pazazz Blinds & Shutters, you’re not speaking with a salesperson, you’re speaking with the business owner. Paul and Yazz are highly experienced professionals who are focused on client satisfaction. That means being able to understand being able to analyse a room or space, listening to a client’s needs and determining exactly what product best suits each space.

Every client is different and needs vary from room to room which is why you want a knowledgeable professional there with you along the way. You get all that and more with Pazazz.

Once you’ve selected your Pazazz Products, you’ll be guided through the supply and installation process by Paul or Yazz. It’s painless for customers as we take care of all the heavy-lifting. Your products will be custom-made by one of our many factories across Australia and Asia to perfectly fit every space in your home or business.

When it comes time for installation, one of our friendly professional installers will be on hand to make sure that your investment looks and functions as well as you hoped.

To get the full benefit of your products and warranty, we always recommend having your products installed by industry professionals.

We’re proud that our past customers have left us 5-star reviews all over the net. On social media and Google, you can read the review of past Pazazz customers who’ve loved our service and love their products.

You can also verify our reviews on the independent review website Word of Mouth Online. These reviews cannot be tampered with and are a true representation of what our past customers thought of us.

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