Extend your cafe's outdoor space with commercial cafe awnings. We install awnings for Restaurants, Cafes & Hospitality venues.

Awnings for Restaurants, Cafes and Hospitality in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

High-quality awnings and outdoor blinds made with strong materials for restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs and the hospitality industry.

Provide year-round comfort for your guests with a commercial awning from Pazazz Blinds & Shutters. We can supply custom-made awnings and outdoor blinds to the hospitality industry in a huge range of finishes, colours and styles. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process of buying an awning for your venue that looks great and functions perfectly.

Awnings to keep your customers comfortable.

Our awnings and outdoor blinds help busy and successful venues create more space for their customers to use and enjoy. Pazazz Blinds & Shutters are your local specialist for custom-made awnings for hospitality venues.

Awnings are a great way of making the most of the outdoor space your restaurant, cafe or pub offers. Built to your exacting specifications, an awning from Pazazz Blinds & Shutters will optimise privacy, heat and the flow of light for your guests to keep them comfortable and enjoying your venue.

We’ve got a range of awnings that are perfect for your application. We can provide awnings for all purposes like;

  • Awnings for covering your entrance
  • Folding arm awnings for protecting your outdoor dining areas from excess sun during the day.
  • Side channel awnings to partition areas of your venue
  • Straight drop awnings for covering balcony areas, especially those with a view and in high-wind areas.
  • Zip screen awnings and outdoor blinds for protecting guests sitting in outdoor areas in windy areas.
  • Automatic awnings for controlling heat and light through windows for internal dining areas.

Whatever the purpose, we’ll find the perfect awning for your application.

Not sure about which Awning is best for your venue? Contact Pazazz Blinds & Shutters and chat to one of our experts and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect awning for your needs.

See our huge range of Great Value Awnings & Outdoor Blinds

Automatic Awnings

Automatic Awnings

For a traditional window covering awning operated from ground level and simple to use look no further than an Automatic Awning.

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings

Australian made-to-measure Folding Arm Awnings by Pazazz Blinds & Shutters. Built to last and designed for style, our Folding Arm Awnings are perfect for extending any outdoor living space.


Pivot Arm Awnings

Pivot Arm Awnings provide flexibility, perfect for two-storey homes or higher to allow for consistent visual aesthetics.

other awnings 09 - cupola

Other Awnings - Cupola, Dutch etc.

View our huge range of other external awnings perfect for windows and doors for the home, office, restaurant, cafe or other business.


Awnings for Restaurants, Cafes and Hospitality.

Our sturdy awnings are made for frequent use. Quality components and a long warranty offer peace of mind, on top of a great price, for business owners.


Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds

Specifically designed for use in alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandahs and balconies. The Zip Screen Outdoor Blind offers homeowners privacy and protection from sun, wind, rain and insects all year round.


Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds

A simple outdoor blind that can be designed to suit any verandah, deck, pergola or alfresco area without intrusion. Straight drop blinds vary in style and composition and when rolled up can be completely hidden.

side channel awnings 05

Side Channel Outdoor Blinds

Side Channel Outdoor Blinds are extremely versatile in their application, generally suited to verandas, decks, pergolas, outdoor entertaining areas and porches. This outdoor blind is a fantastic compliment to Automatic Awnings and has the added benefit of eliminating wind and rain and providing privacy.

zip screen awnings 02

Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds

Our wire guided blind system is a clean European design with excellent performance. Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds have contemporary aesthetics with an aluminium box and lateral stainless steel cable guides suitable for every architectural context, be it modern or classic.

zip screen awnings 02

The Urban Range
External Aluminium Shutters

Our custom-made urban external aluminium shutters make a bold statement in any setting. Our aluminium shutters are built tough, using a low-corrosive metal and thicker finish to withstand salt spray and rust. Powder coated to match your existing colour scheme, external aluminium shutters look great while providing privacy and protection to any outdoor area.

Awnings for Cafes

An awning is a great way to maximise the capacity of your cafe while still providing comfort and protection for your customers. Pazazz can supply awnings and outdoor blinds which mount to your building and extend your al fresco dining area without the need for costly extensions or building works. An awning can retract to open the space up on fine days, and when the weather is a little hairy, you can extend your awning and allow your customers to still enjoy your outdoor space. Pazazz Blinds & Shutters are experts in the supply of cost-effective custom made awnings for cafes in Newcastle.

Awnings for Pubs & Hotels

Pazazz Blinds & Shutters supply a range of awnings which are perfect for pubs and hotels and high-traffic venues. We understand that awnings for pubs need to be tough, look great and be cost-effective. We have a range of awnings and outdoor blinds which are made of stronger materials than standard home awnings to protect your guests and your investment.

We have awnings which can be used to open a dining area up during the day but close it off at night to control the flow of people into your venue. You can use our awnings to partition areas or extend your outdoor area when the weather is not that inviting.

Contact Pazazz Blinds & Shutters to find out more about our tough, custom-made awnings perfect for pubs, clubs and hotels.

Quality awnings made using durable materials

Our awnings for restaurants, cafes and pubs are built using the highest quality materials we have available to us. From stronger fabrics and materials which aren’t as susceptible to fading or tearing to cassette boxes which protect your awning while it’s closed, we’ll be able to find a strong and durable awning to suit your venue.

Custom-made to suit your business.

We manufacture and supply awnings that are both practical and attractive. Our awnings are always manufactured to the highest standard in the colour and style of your choosing to complement your venue. You can even customise your awning to suit your brand or showcase your logo or a specific message.

Controlling your Awnings

Our awnings can be controlled by remote, crank or springs; the choice is yours.

Remote controlled awnings rely on a motor to extend or retract your awning. You can set the precise point where you want to extend your awning to provide your guests with year-round comfort. Being motor driven, your awnings will always look great as the motor keeps the material taut.

If your venue has an automation system we can add our awnings into that existing system or create a new one. This gives you full control over your awnings at all times without any cranks, handles, pulleys or wires.

You can even program your awning to rise and fall at certain times of the day and depending on the conditions and the position of the sun.

You could also consider the easy-to-use, unobtrusive manual crank gears which come with a removable handle for security and safety or the spring-loaded option. Spring Loaded awnings are a clean, no-fuss solution which is perfect for any application.

it's Easy to get new outdoor blinds & Awnings with pazazz

Step 1 – The Initial Design Consultation

Pazazz Blinds & Shutters welcome you to visit their showroom or we’ll come to you so you can browse our range in the comfort of your own home. Our experts will hear your ideas and see your space and then help you find the perfect product to bring your idea to life. We have access to hundreds of amazing products in thousands of patterns, colours and styles to suit any room, office, cafe or space, so finding your ideal blind, shutter or awning will be a breeze.

We’ll help you find the best products to complement your existing design or provide a focal point for a new design style. We know it is important to balance style, value and function so our experts will be more than happy to guide you through our range so you get the perfect product for you.

Step 2 – A free Measure and Quote

During the initial design consultation and once we’ve found your products, we’ll take some measurements so we can provide you with a competitive quote based on your exact window. We don’t ‘guesstimate.’ We use accurate measurements so we can provide the most competitive quote possible.

All of this is a free service from Pazazz Blinds & Shutters. When you’re ready to get a quote for Awnings & Outdoor Blinds, we’ll be happy to provide one free of charge.

Step 3 – Supply and Installation

When we say we take care of everything, we mean it. Pazazz Blinds & Shutters have a team of expert installer ready to make sure your Awnings & Outdoor Blinds are installed exactly the way they should be.

We offer a long warranty on all of our products, so it is important to us to know that our products are installed in a way that will ensure they look fantastic and function perfectly for many, many years.

Our installers treat your house like their own. We make sure we clean up after ourselves and leave your house looking even better than when we came… mostly because of the beautiful products which have just been installed by Pazazz Blinds & Shutters.

Why choose Pazazz?

Pazazz Blinds & Shutters is owned and operated by a local family who call Newcastle and the Hunter home. With decades of industry experience, Pazazz Blinds & Shutters has become one of Newcastle’s favourite suppliers of quality window furnishings for homes and businesses.

“When you choose us for your blinds, shutters or awnings, you’re choosing an independent, family-owned business based right here in the Hunter. We’re going to treat you like we would our family and friends. We’re going to offer you the right advice and we’re always going to offer the best price.

 We hope to talk to you soon about how we can add some extra Pazazz to your home or business”

  • Paul & Yazz Plenty

When you contact Pazazz Blinds & Shutters, you’re not speaking with a salesperson, you’re speaking with the business owner. Paul and Yazz are highly experienced professionals who are focused on client satisfaction. That means being able to understand being able to analyse a room or space, listening to a client’s needs and determining exactly what product best suits each space.

Every client is different and needs vary from room to room which is why you want a knowledgeable professional there with you along the way. You get all that and more with Pazazz.

Once you’ve selected your Pazazz Products, you’ll be guided through the supply and installation process by Paul or Yazz. It’s painless for customers as we take care of all the heavy-lifting. Your products will be custom-made by one of our many factories across Australia and Asia to perfectly fit every space in your home or business.

When it comes time for installation, one of our friendly professional installers will be on hand to make sure that your investment looks and functions as well as you hoped.

To get the full benefit of your products and warranty, we always recommend having your products installed by industry professionals.

We’re proud that our past customers have left us 5-star reviews all over the net. On social media and Google, you can read the review of past Pazazz customers who’ve loved our service and love their products.

You can also verify our reviews on the independent review website Word of Mouth Online. These reviews cannot be tampered with and are a true representation of what our past customers thought of us.

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